Getting your scuba diving licence

Watched documentaries that depict how beautiful the underwater world is? Saw your friends posting photos of their scuba diving licence or going for dive trips? An activity that has been sitting on your bucket list for awhile?

You are definitely at the right place to find out more on how to get your scuba diving licence and join the fun. We assure you, once you start, you will never stop! SSI Open Water Diver licence gives you the licence to scuba dive and enjoy amazing shows put up by marine life in different parts of the world. 

Advancing your scuba diving journey

Getting your scuba diving licence is not the end to your journey but in fact, the start. SSI Open Water Diver course trains you on the fundamental knowledge and skills of diving, giving you an introduction and insight of what is scuba diving. However, advancing your knowledge and skills after getting your Open Water Diver licence are essential to become a safe and competent scuba diver,  and enhance your overall scuba diving experience and comfort. 

Scuba Diving - Advanced Scuba Diving Licence

SSI Advanced Adventurer course is one way to advance your knowledge and skills. A course consisting of 5 adventure dives, it is designed to put together a variety of specialties of your own choice before you commit to the full specialty course. Two of the most popular adventure dives are deep and night!

Scuba Diving - Specialty Scuba Diving Licence

SSI Specialty courses are the best and most effective way to broaden your knowledge, improve your skills, increase your awareness and experience the uniqueness of different dive environments. What’s best, you only need to be minimum an Open Water Diver. 

If scuba diving has become your passion and enjoyment after advancing your journey, how about turning this passion into a career and be a scuba diving professional? SSI’s range of dive professional courses offer you a myriad of career opportunities anywhere. Earn a living while you get to travel and dive around the world!

Earn your Scuba Diving Recognition Licence

SSI created a free recognition program where through either training or experience, any scuba diver is able to work towards earning their desired scuba diving recognition licence and hitting the different milestones set for them. Receiving recognition for all the hard work and commitment is always one of the best motivations to continue advancing and further one’s scuba diving education. 

Scuba Diving - Traininig Recognition Licence

Training recognition scuba diving licence focuses on specialties training and diving experience. There are 3 levels, Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver  and Master Diver. To earn the free recognition licence, you will need to fulfill a certain number of specialty licence and logged dives based on the specific level.

Scuba Diving - Experience Recognition Licence

Experience recognition scuba diving licence focuses on diving experience. There are 6 levels, Century 100 Diver, Bronze 200 Diver, Silver 300 Diver, Gold 500 Diver, Platinum 1000 Diver and Platinum Pro 5000 Diver. To earn the free experience licence, you will need to fulfill a required number of logged dives based on the specific level.

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